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Optimized for maintenance - All our offered services is to provide you an e-commerce solution that is optimized for maintenance, meaning that you will have a sustainable, rich functionality solution with good performance build according to best practices, that will for years to come allow you to focus on the development of functionality that is unique for you, and not having to spend time and money on reinventing the wheel. This allows you to have the most optimized and most cost effective online team possible.

Latest Projects

  • Camilla Edfors

    En fantastisk konstnär vars design och inredning bl.a. finns representerad i berömda Louisiana museeum of modern art och ofta förekommande i inredningsmagasin.…

  • Carotte

    Carotte startade 1982 och är idag ett catering- och restaurangbolag med över 50 anställda, sex egna restauranger och ett stort cateringkök…

  • Chhatwal & Jonsson

    Chhatwal & Jonssons inredningsprodukter av handgjorda textilier säljs i butik och förgyller hem, hotell och företag i 20 länder världen över.…

  • Ipomia

    Ipomia är världens första modevarumärke inom underkläder för kvinnor med bröstimplantat och säljs idag i butik i 11 länder, från…

  • Mercuri International

    Mercuri International är Europas största utbildnings- och konsultföretag och finns idag i 40 länder. De har 50 års erfarenhet av att…

  • Upplevelsepresent

    Upplevelsepresent.se grundades 2006 och är 10 år efter starten idag ett av Sveriges ledande upplevelsebolag.  Med fler än 500 upplevelser…

  • Urbit

    Urbit är en banbrytande bekväm shoppingupplevelse och har en tjänst som gör det möjligt för en kund att handla online…

  • Tele2

    Tele2 is a swedish telecom operator, serving more than 30 million subscribers in 10 countries. The total revenue is more…

  • Comviq

    Comviq is leading prepaid brand in Sweden with more than 3 million customers. During 2012 they abandoned their custom commerce…

  • Blueair

    Blueair is a global company with a presence in over 40 countries, headquartered in Stockholm. Blueair believes in cleaner indoor…


Let us share with you 8 short advices

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We want to improve the e-commerce business and here we are sharing our most valuable insights.

Experienced partner

Demand that a partner have delivered at least 3 projects on the solution you are selecting. That includes us as well.

No to CMS plugin

Don't build your store on a CMS plugin, it will greatly limit your options and likely be more expensive to maintain

Mobile first

Make sure your e-commerce is responsive. It is not much extra work. Optimize for 3 views; desktop, tablet and mobile

Prioritize quality

Make sure you don't compromise with quality. Just a few failed orders or customer that cannot continue will cost you much more.

Get involved

The client is 50% of the success. Understand process, demand updates, discuss solutions and requirements. You will be rewarded.

Keep It Simple

Try to launch e-commerce with reduced functionality, throw in one or two 'cool features' and then improve step by step.

Say Hello

No when you find us, just drop us a message under contact and say 'Hello'. Who need google analytics anyway when you have friendly visitors.

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